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The cardiovascular, or circulatory system, is the transportation system for your body. This system carries chemicals to all points in your body. The fluids also carry waste products and dissolved gases for your cells.

The cardiovascular/circulatory system is made up of:
- Heart: the pump of this system
- Arteries: the blood vessels that deliver oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the tissues of the body
- Arterioles: transport blood from arteries to capillaries, are the main regulators of blood flow and pressure
- Capillaries: the sites of the transfer of oxygen and other nutrients from the bloodstream to other tissues in the body; also collect carbon dioxide waste materials and fluids
- Venule: drains blood from capillaries into veins
- Veins: transport blood towards the heart, carry de-oxygenated blood, transports blood under low pressure than arteries

The cardiovascular/circulatory system interacts with every organ and system in your body. The system is connected to all of your body's cells so that it can transport oxygen efficiently. When you breathe, the cardiovascular system carries oxygen to your cells and carries dissolved carbon dioxide back to the lungs. This system and its fluids are very important to your digestive system that has absorbed nutrients from your food. Also, hormones created by your endocrine system are sent through the body by your cardiovascular system.

The cardiovascular system is just like a freeway. The freeway transports cars and trucks to different places just like how the cardiovascular system transports blood and oxygen to different parts of the body. The cars are like the blood, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and fluids the cardiovascular system transports. The main freeway, Highway 1 is the heart. Highway 2 is like the arteries. Highway 3, presenting the arterioles, is connected to Highway 2, just like how the arterioles are connected to the arteries. Highway 3 leads to Highway 4, or the capillaries. Highway 4 leads to the venule, or Highway 5. Highway 6, the veins, lead back to Highway 1, the heart.

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